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Google wanted to create something nice to represent Movember, so we came up with an idea to build games for Chrome, using facial recognition to play it. It uses EaselJS and RequireJS.



This application won several awards. It not just makes use of a full HTML 5 using EaseJS but the whole site is built without using a single image.



After a massive migration of Purina's website to Sitecore, they decided to re-design their brands. Fancy Feast is the first one of the whole lot, and it was quite challenging to build some of its elements. Check it out the front-end development.



MyselfMy name is Rafael Cardoso, you can call me Raf. I migrated to Australia in 2007 and became a citizen after finishing my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, graduating from Paulista University in São Paulo, Brazil in 2006. I have been working with web development since 1998 and I have always been passionate about Web and coding. Some of the places I have worked include, but not limited to the biggest internet portal in Latin America called UOL, big name digital agency M&C Saatchi and currently Yahoo!7 in Australia.

Testimonials from Linkedin

  • "Raf is a coding machine. He is a highly productive developer who would churn projects like no-body's business.

    He was also able to get his head around very complex legacy code bases in order develop new modules and features very quickly. "Erik Nilsson, Principal Partner at eNilsson Asia & Pacific
  • "Raf is one of those talented people who contribute so much to the company. His passion for his work leads to innovative ideas and solutions which are then passed through the entire team. Raf adds so much more than just technical skills to his work and is a highly creative individual.

    I absolutely love working with Raf, he is a huge asset for the team!!" Rachel Zhang, Digital Producer at M&C Saatchi Australia
  • "Rafael was a very creative and full of iniciatives at UOL, we worked together at those very demanding start up times, when Internet asked constantly for new IT solutions."Marcia Zoladz, Communication Manager at UOL
  • "Rafael is an extremely proficient developer with a consistent background of delivering above par on projects. His ability to learn and adapt to new programming languages, frameworks and tools makes Rafael an excellent team member. Among many of Rafael's talents, most notable is his efficiency in getting the job done and making sure the extra coat of polish has been applied. Rafael can work autonomously while exercising good judgement on when project members need to regroup on important matters. A great developer to work with."Nathan Winch, Lead Developer at M&C Saatchi


Skills // HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS, Compass, Responsive Design, Javascript (Vanilla JS), ReactJS, ES6, Node.js, Jade, Swig, Wordpress, Titanium, OOP, PHP, Smarty, Code Igniter, MySQL, SVN, Git, Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, Google Analytics API, Google Maps API, Youtube API, Accessibility, Adobe Photoshop, CMS, eDMs, Mobile Development, SEO.



My professional history includes several years of Web development experience with a track record that demonstrates my ability to complete high-end projects in deadline-oriented environments. I am a strong team player able to self-start with good communication skills and great experience in building web sites.

+ Employment

  • 2015 - PRESENT
    Tech Lead Engineering

    I lead a small but talented team of front-end and full stack developers into various projects (News 2.0, Google Analytics implementation, Native Ads, Theming framework structure, etc). I'm hands-on coding and I work closely with project managers and product owners through an Agile development methodology.
    My role requires mentoring and training other peers, interviewing and hiring candidates, advising on technical structures for future and end of life frameworks.
    We work mostly creating ES6 and ReactJS modules. I work closely with the engineering team, to ensure architecture, implementation and results are complying with site speed guidelines, assuring that 100% of our code is code reviewed and unit tested.

  • 2014 - 2015
    Senior Front-End Engineer

    I have been involved in the planning and re-factoring of Yahoo!7 CSS & Javascript platform and migration of the deprecated YUI to new JS frameworks like ES6 and React.js. I have been a strong advocate of documentation and code quality, continuously striving for better performance and code improvements, enforcing code reviews on all js work. I initiated multiple projects to improve the entire team's capabilities and efficiency, creating internal automated tools that makes the everyday life easier.

  • 2011 - 2014
    M&C Saatchi
    Lead Interface Developer

    I'm involved on many cutting edge projects that includes most of the biggest brands in Australia. (ex: Google, Optus, Commbank, etc). Responsible for the Front-end developing, providing timing estimates on work and developing websites, micro-sites and eDM campaigns - large and small.

  • 2010-2011
    Universo Online
    Lead Web Developer

    Lead all front-end engineering efforts. Hands-on development in application that uses PHP and MySQL. Deliver clean, clear, and well-documented code that can be easily supported by others. Accurately estimate timelines and ensure deadlines are consistently met.

  • 2007-2009
    eNilsson Asia & Pacific
    Lead Web Developer

    Worked on web sites and promotions for presidential campaigns. I developed sites for third party companies and several political campaigns, including 2 presidential ones (Mitt Romney and John McCain in 2008). Proposed and implemented new products, services and solutions by developing, writing, and testing web techniques and code.

+ Education

  • 2002 - 2006
    Bachelor of Computer Science
    UNIP - Universidade Paulista - Brazil

+ Professional Highlights

  • +

    Strong hand-coding of both semantic, efficient, standards-compliant HTML 5 and CSS 3 code.

  • +

    Proficient in the use of Vanila JS / ES6 and worked on a few frameworks like ReactJS, jQuery and Backbone.js.

  • +

    Experience using CSS Pre-Processors like SASS, LESS, etc...

  • +

  • +

    Familiar with source control principles and comfortable with Git and Subversion.

  • +

    Effective leadership mentoring and coaching team members as well spending 1-on-1 time with the team.

  • +

    Strong working knowledge of Photoshop; able to cutup comps from the design team.

  • +

    Worked with most of the task management like webpack, grunt, gulp, npm.

  • +

    Great communications skills, fast learner and self-motivated.

  • +

    Passionate and enthusiastic about NodeJS.

  • +

    Ability to work in a team environment and build great relationship with people outside of the development team including people like Product Managers, Commercial, Product Owners, etc.

  • +

    A solid understanding of Web design, accessibility, usability, search engine optimisation and information architecture.

  • +

    Social App Development - Experience in building social sites or apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

  • +

    Familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (OOP).

  • +

    Constantly seeking to develop myself by learning new technologies and keeping abreast of market development.

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Phone no.. // +61 0 428 082 716

Location // Sydney, NSW, Australia

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